Download BeepComp

The latest version v0.2.2 for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 - for both 32bit/64bit Windows.
Just run the set-up file (.msi file) after downloading.

Portable version (with no installer)

Past Windows versions


BeepComp for Mac OSX 10.7 or later

Installation: unzip the downloaded file and move the content to your "Applications" folder.

NOTE: Your Mac's security feature might block the app from running, displaying an error message. In that case, CTRL + CLICK on the app, choose "Open" in the menu. For detailed instructions, see this page.


I plan to port to Linux in the near future...
Stay tuned!

Source Code

BeepComp is an open source project under the MIT license. You may freely modify its source code however you want to suit your needs. You can even redistribute a modified version of the program. In that case, I just ask you to keep the original license file (LICENSE.txt) included in its original form.

The source code is available at SourceForge.