Help Me

You are actually helping me just by using the program! Knowing that what I'm creating contributes to someone else gives me great satisfaction and a sense of purpose in my life.

If you find any bugs or issues that you think could be improved, your feedback is so invaluable! Suggestions from you have helped me very much. And I try to keep the program as trouble-free as possible, and you can help me achieve this goal. You're also welcome to suggest any new possible features!

If you're a developer with ideas to expand the program's functionality, I would like to know what you think! You're welcome to play around with the source code. I apologize some of it is not totally clean. If you need me to clarify something (like data structure and class diagram etc.), just let me know.

If someone has strong graphics skills (and especially with UI design!) I could use some help. The design we have now is just for the starter... But I know someone who design things 24-7 can do a much better job :) Does someone have an idea for a cool skin theme?

You can get in touch with me by writing me an email at Alternatively, you can write me through our Forum page.

And if someone would like to help me raise fund for developing BeepComp...
Your generosity will be greatly appreciated!

I am grateful for the following people who have made generous contributions:
(Please let me know if you wish to be anonymous :))

Date Name
04-21-2016 Takako
05-06-2016 Kristian