How can I get help using BeepComp?

The documentation includes a good amount of walkthroughs and command reference. You can also press "DOC" button in BeepComp to read this document. If you cannot find your answer in the documentation, please write your questions in the forum page or contact the author at beepcomp-at-hiromorozumi.com.

Can I use BeepComp for game development?

Of course! You will need to export your tracks as audio files, trim the audio files at the beginning and the end neatly with tools like Audacity so that they can loop seemlessly. SDLMixer or other libraries can make your music play in the background. Alternatively, you could port the BeepComp engine to your project quite easily, if this suits you better. If you want more guidance on this, please let me know.

Update: I have started a little experiment to build a simple BeepComp player engine API for game developers -> Read more.

How do I find out the version of BeepComp I'm using?

Just click the logo at the top right corner of your screen (works with version 0.1.8 and later).

I just accidentally quit the application. Did I lose all of my work?

BeepComp saves your work automatically in the background to a file named "__AUTOSAVED__.txt" every five minutes. Auto-saving is done also every time you close the application. If you have quit the application accidentally, please look in this folder to see if you can retreive your work.

I opened another audio application while BeepComp is open, and now I get no sound when I come back to BeepComp?

Try reinitializing your audio device by pressing [ALT] and [I] keys. If this does not work, save your work and restart BeepComp.